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“Selmet is a market leader in complex medium to small structural Titanium castings used in the aerospace industry. Aronson-Campbell is a true business partner and has consistently provided us with outstanding service, quality supplies and industry expertise necessary to remain vital and profitable.”

Cynthia Richter, Purchasing Manager, Selmet Incorporated

Profitability through process improvement and inventory control

Aronson-Campbell knows how to improve your bottom line

When it comes to smart business, doing the math is critical. The quickest way to increase profits in a manufacturing environment is to increase speeds, feeds, parts or processes.

Sample Manufacturing Cost Structure
3% Tools & Consumables
17% Work Piece Materials
27% Machine & Toolholders
22% Building & Administrative
31% Labor

Tooling represents approximately 3% of total production cost. Many manufacturers equate discounted tooling costs with significant savings. A price reduction in tools and consumables yields an average of only 1% in bottom line savings!

At Aronson-Campbell, we know that superior tooling can provide the power to run your machines at full capacity, with a potential 20% increase in cutting rate. That translates to a 15% reduction in total component cost!

Other Approximations**
A 50% increase in tool life results in a 1% savings.
A 20% increase in speed of manufacturing results in a 15% savings plus 20% increase in machine capacity.

Consider inventory costs 
Acquiring supplies can run $100 on average per purchase order. $1,000,000 in purchases could take 2,200 purchase orders at a processing cost of $220,000! Aronson-Campbell provides simple solutions to reduce your order frequency and realize significant savings.

Inventory costs on average*
Acquisition 75%
Issuing 5%
Holding 10%
Obsolescence 10%

Your business partner in a competitive market

We’re here to make sure you stay competitive

Aronson-Campbell offers factory-trained product engineers to provide complete productivity solutions to your manufacturing facility. By decreasing setup costs with improved fixturing and tool changing, and providing coolant, lubrication and tooling recommendations to reduce machining time and increase tool life – we maximize your machining efficiencies.

Not only does Aronson-Campbell have tooling specialists on our internal team, we also have a well-proven program for helping customers optimize their manufacturing operations. Our program combines the latest in innovation with tried and true methodologies. Combined with investment analysis, application evaluation, time studies, component process analysis, shop floor support and on-going application support, your facility gets the most out of both your machine and your investment.

We work closely with our customers to:

  • Evaluate parts, processes and applications
  • Assist with time studies, cost per component, turnkey projects
  • Customize the tooling that matches your machining requirements
  • Secure vending machine storage and distribution
  • Provide on-site application support
  • Customize training programs to build peak performance of operators

Aronson-Campbell can save you 40-60% of acquisition cost, 3% of issuing costs, and all or most of your holding, excess inventory and obsolescence costs.

Reduce your total cost structure

Aronson-Campbell helps manufacturers increase profits through process improvements and lean manufacturing techniques.

Let us help you with:

Technical Services

  • Factory-trained product engineers

Inventory Consolidation and Reduction

  • Product standardization
  • Product substitution
  • New item testing
  • Inventory reduction
  • Stockroom reduction or elimination
  • Point-of-use machines
  • Consignment inventory
  • Vendor-managed inventories
  • Dead stock identification and disposal assistance

Streamlining Order Processing

  • Reduce purchase orders
  • Monthly billing
  • Reduce accounts payable workload

Information Management

  • Costs to part or job identification and assignment
  • Custom usage reports
  • Real-time inventory reporting
  • Kitting
  • Maintenance scheduling and job tickets


  • On-line ordering
  • On-Line access to open orders
  • Account payable detail transactions

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