“Working with Aronson-Campbell and the CribMaster system, we have cut costs significantly using the 24-hour inventory control and ordering features to reduce our purchase order transaction count. CribMaster’s extensive reporting network provides our departments the information needed to operate at full capacity and, ultimately, save money.”

David Baublits, CEO, Precision Machine Works

For over 20 years, Aronson-Campbell has specialized in Vendor Managed Inventory and Customer Managed Inventory

We have helped dozens of manufacturers manage consumable and durable inventory using inventory vending machines installed right at the point-of-use, cutting back the time and cost workers spend walking to and from the storeroom. Our machines monitor usage to make sure the materials you need are always available, without over-ordering.

We know that when it comes to meeting aggressive production schedules, having the right materials in the right place at the right time is crucial. Far too many companies use outdated methods like pen and paper or rely on the memories of storeroom personnel to keep their inventory organized and available. Others try to make their ERP system into an inventory management tool, often “making-do” with the lack of functionality needed to optimize their inventory management process.

We can help you:

  • Automate asset tracking
  • Locate inventory through real-time location data
  • Complete tool & asset life cycle management
  • Automate reports & order when items are running low, so you never go without a critical asset
  • Manage reworkable, reground & repairable tools
  • Assemble, distribute & replenish kit assemblies
  • Eliminate individual purchase orders
  • Decrease shipping costs with Fewer rush shipments and fewer total shipments


Our single, integrated platform gives you global visibility of your operations from the storeroom to the production cell and connects your inventory, assets and people together, taking the hassle out of tracking inventory.

Benefits include:

  • Expandability to include a variety of central storage units
  • Point-of-use efficiency
  • Reduction of vendor base
  • Elimination of receiving functions and crib staffing costs
  • Consignment or customized inventory options
  • Streamlined, Single-Source Ordering and Processing
  • Fewer Transactions with less paperwork
  • Fewer Stock-Outs
  • Increased Productivity, Less Downtime
  • Reduced Inventory and Cost-to-Carry Inventory
  • Detailed, Easy and Readable Reports of Usage Trends


Simplify Inventory Processes with CribMaster™ Management System



The Original High-Security Vending Solution

ToolBox looks like your typical vending machine, built from highly durable industrial materials to withstand the wear and tear of an industrial environment. The ToolBox is your ideal solution to quickly and easily distribute high-use consumables like PPE, industrial supplies and accessories.

  • High-security with only one item issued at a time
  • Large window to see all items available for vending
  • Available accessories include an auger helix for vending small items, riser platform for short items, vertical partition for narrow items, and a Spray Can Dispensing Kit


High-Capacity, Secure Storage With a Small Footprint

Manage the distribution of hundreds of items at the point-of-use to reduce stockouts, lower costs, and control inventory consumption. The carousels in the ProStock allow each employee access to only the item they’ve selected to issue. With hundreds of slots available, ProStocks are ideal for managing a lot of small, low-profile PPE items like gloves or masks, but are versatile enough to also manage much larger items.

  • High security for controlled consumption
  • Bins in each carousel are highly customizable and easily reconfigurable to accommodate many inventory types and sizes
  • Simple carousel reconfiguration for flexible storage
  • Carousels are self-calibrating and field-configurable


Point-of-Use Locking Drawer System

CabLock is a highly configurable drawer system for organizing a variety of consumables while tracking usage with barcode software that provides valuable asset management information.

  • Provides various levels of security
  • Creates accountability among users
  • Keeps items separated with compartmental drawers
  • Avaliable in standard and wide configurations
  • Generates detailed reports by department, job, or employee




The Simplest Way to Keep High-Value Tools Secure and Accessible.

Keep your cutting tools, welding supplies, drill bits and other valuables secure in FlipTop™, a drawer-based solution which uses a grid system to manage a variety of expensive or sensitive assets. FlipTop offers security down to the item level.

  • High security at the drawer and bin level
  • High capacity with up to 1,782 bins
  • Available in three sizes to accommodate different capacity needs

Whether your storeroom is staffed or automated, Aronson-Campbell offers solutions that increase traceability of inventory, saving you time and expense. Aronson-Campbell can customize a solution to meet and exceed your requirements. We can manage your storeroom for you, give you the tools and training to manage it more efficiently yourself, or a custom combination that fits your unique needs.

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