Take Flight with Aronson-Campbell Custom Grinding

From piloted reamers and core drills to elliptical reamers and spot facers, we have the team and machines to grind your aircraft repair/manufacturing cutters.

Every day our talented group of seasoned (let’s face it, maybe we’re just old) tool-makers crank out hundreds of built-to-print aerospace tools. Whether your needs are straight-shanked, gauge-starting core drills or standard, aircraft-threaded connection finish reamers, we have the equipment and expertise needed to make them. We make these tools all day, every day, to the exacting tolerances that some of the largest aircraft manufacturers in the world trust us to provide. 

Here’s just a selection of other aerospace-specific tools we can create for you: 

  • spot facers/back spot facers driven by bayonet shanks.
  • Trimming tool assemblies
  • micro stop cages 
  • reamer bushings, in an assembly or not. 
  • two-piece pull reamer (some folks call them push-pulls)

Maybe you’ve got planes on the ground right now and you’ve found that the pickle fork connector between the fuselage and wings of an airliner is showing signs of wear and tear. We have done extensive manufacturing of the complete series of tools suitable for pickle fork inspection and repair jobs.

The Pickle Fork Repair Collection

“Our environmentally controlled shop is dedicated to perfect tools out the door every time.”

~Lenny Wood, Production Supervisor

The Aronson-Campbell Custom Difference

In today’s ever changing world, it’s never been more true that time is money, and at Aronson-Campbell, we live that mantra daily. We know the cost of an AOG, so we work just as hard as you to get those wings back up in the air. Common lead times for completely custom tools out of our shop is just 1-2 weeks, but in emergency situations, we have been known to ship a complete set of special tools from a customer’s print in as little as two days.

The only aspect of manufacturing aerospace-specific cutting tools more critical than lead time is quality. Aronson-Campbell invests heavily in our QA and inspection equipment for the sake of perfect tools, every time. That’s the reputation we have built our grind shop on, and it’s what we strive for every day. 

Get in Touch

Now entering our second decade of custom tool grinding for the aerospace industry, we can handle anything you bring us. If you’re tired of being quoted 8-10 weeks for custom tools, or wish you could find a real, live, English-speaking, customer service rep that knows the difference between a core drill and a reamer, we are the grinding company you didn’t know you needed. Talk to Aronson-Campbell today about your pickle fork repair or other aerospace custom job.