Get the Job Done Your Way with a Custom Broach

In machining, broaching operations rely on a ‘toothed’ tool called – you guessed it! – a broach. These unique tools are designed to be highly effective material removers that allow for precision machining, especially of odd shapes. Production broaching is typically applied to high quantity production, since broaches are also speedy workhorses. Based on the alignment of their teeth, broaches have three sections that perform three different applications: roughing, semi-finishing, and finishing. Sound like something that would make your life easier? Read more about the different types of broaches below, and let us know if any of them sound like what you need.

The Key Measurement

An essential design element for broaches is the ‘rise per tooth’. This indicates the amount of material each tooth removes in every pass. Sometimes you need a tool that just nibbles away. Sometimes you need a tool that chews up big chunks at every pass. We’ll focus on this measurement when we talk about your order, to make sure you get exactly what you want.

Broach Types

There are several ways of considering broaches. We’ll let you know here, so you can feel confident when you call us up to talk about the custom broach you need. First, you’ve got to choose between linear and rotary (often referred to as wobble) broaching methods. These two approaches produce different kinds of finishes. With a linear broach, you’ll typically be cutting material off an edge. With a rotary broach, you’ll be pressing the broach into the material, to create holes and keyways in the surface. Rotary broaches can be used with a lathe or milling machine, where linear broaches usually require their own specific broaching machine to operate.

Individual broaches can typically be categorized as surface and internal. Surface broaches come in the following variations: Slab, Contour, Pot, and Straddle. Internal broaches can be customized in several other variations: Solid, Shell, Modular, Keyway, Concentricity, and Cut / Recut.

Get the Most out of Your Custom Broach

At Aronson-Campbell Custom Grinding, we make broaches either from HSS steel or from an alloy steel. We strongly recommend coating HSS broaches for prolonged life. This is especially true because broaches can be rather expensive. Their high productivity makes them very cost effective, but you don’t want to waste your money by forgetting to coat your tool. We also recommend regular re-sharpening and re-conditioning to maintain their value.

Broaches are some of the most complex tools out there, so our order form is pretty simple, since we’ll have to call you to talk about the tool anyway! Get in touch directly, or else submit the form with some guidelines about what you need, and we’ll be in touch in no time.

Rotary Broach

rotary broach example image


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