Perfect your Finishing Touches with a Custom Chamfer Mill

Machining processes can leave behind burrs, sharp edges, rough spots along right-angled corners. That’s where the chamfer mill comes in to save the day. This tool provides a chamfer, AKA a slope—often 45° degrees—is cut into a 90° edge. Chamfering can be that essential last step that helps you or your customers assemble parts with perfect ease and safety. It reduces the possibility of cuts or other injuries for people handling parts, and can also make welding processes smoother.

As mentioned above, most chamfer tools are 45° angle, but not exclusively so. Maybe you need some very specific chamfer angle to make sure your parts go together in just the right way? No problem. Aronson-Campbell Custom Grinding is here to help. Our expert craftsman can make completely customized chamfer mills perfectly suited to any number of highly specific applications.

Choosing the Right Chamfer Mill for Your Job

Chamfer mills come in three versions: pointed, flat-end non-cutting, and flat-end cutting. Which is the right one for you? Here’s some tips to help you choose:

  • Pointed chamfer cutters can perform in smaller areas, compared to the other two types. If you have a very small area to chamfer and need to do precise work, this is the right choice for you. If you need a longer length-of-cut, the pointed style can also fit your needs, since the tip is extended instead of flat.
  • Flat-end, non-cutting chamfer mills are ground down to have a flat end. By removing the pointed tip, you end up with a stronger tool. This allows for a higher flute number, leading to better speed, finer finishes and longer tool-life.
  • Flat-end, cutting mills improve on the features of the non-cutting type by offering a fluted tip to create center-cutting capability. This chamfer mill can lightly cut into a part already joined to the edge that needs to be chamfered, allowing machinists to create a smoothly blended tapered wall and floor.

Besides the options with tool type, chamfer mills can be made out of any round tool steel or carbide. They are also very popular in indexable mills.

Need Something Even More Specialized?

That’s what we’re here for. Use our handy-dandy form on the right to place your order for the custom chamfer mill completely suited to the unique factors in your job. Spending a few extra bucks on a mill that you can’t buy off the shelf anywhere else may save you from turning that job into a cash-sink.

Contact us directly with any questions you may have, or else get started with our form, and we’ll get in touch once we know what you’re looking for!

chamfer mill diagram