Versatile Edge Finishing with a Custom Corner-Rounding End Mill

A corner rounder has two major applications. One, it’s the tool you’d pick to add a specific radius profile to the edges of a work piece. Two, you’d choose it for a finishing operation where you need to remove sharp edges or burrs. At Aronson-Campbell Custom Grinding, we know that choosing all the right dimensions and geometry for your custom tool will result in a strong tool with a long usable life. We want to offer that benefit to you, which is why we let you choose the exact customizations you need.

The Best Tool for the Right Job

Generally speaking, the best corner rounder will vary depending on the job at hand. For all purpose profiling, we recommend opting for a tool with the largest possible pilot diameter. Why, you may ask. A tool with this feature offers the most strength and generally consumes less power while running due to its larger effective cutter diameter.

But there are other variations to consider as well. Do you need to blend together surfaces as you cut? A flared tool is generally your best bet. Are you dealing with narrow slots and holes? Choose a small pilot diameter. Are you machining steels? Then we recommend 4 flutes, as oppose to two flutes for handling aluminum.

You may also need to mill a radius on the back- or underside of a workpiece, instead of in the top edge. If that’s the case, we can also customize a back corner-rounding end mill that will handle working in these kind of constrained spaces. We can also design a double-ended version for greater versatility within one tool.

Sound like What You Need?

Use the order form to get started with your order for the precise custom corner rounder you need. We can work with any specifications to create a tool that will give you perfect finishes and profiles every time, as well as a long tool life.

Still have questions about materials, applications, or dimensions before you get started? We’re always just a phone call or email away.

Front Corner Rounding End Mill

Front corner rounding end mill


Back Corner Rounding End Mill

back corner rounding end mill