Countersink Like a Pro with One of Our Custom Tools

Do you need to cut a conical hole at the top of a pre-existing drilled hole, that perfectly fits a flat-head screw and allows it to sit flush to the surface of your workpiece? Then you need a countersink! And Aronson-Campbell Custom Grinding has got you covered. We can make you a custom countersink that handles any situation or material you can throw at it, with excellent tool life and strength. Countersinks can also handle deburring of sharp edges or roughness left by drilling, leading to smoother, safer finished pieces. Also, if you actually need a flat-bottomed hole instead of a conical hole, check out our custom counterbore order form!

So Many Countersinks to Choose from!

Countersinks can be ground to match specific screws, whether in imperial or metric sizes. You can also pick between piloted and non-piloted tools, depending on whether you need a very precisely centered countersunk hole. You can choose between the six standard angles of flathead screws, with 82° and 90° being the most common choices. Or if you need some crazy angle for a super specific job, we can handle that, too.

Zero-flute countersinks can handle deburring operations, or countersinking in plastics, but if you’ll be machining ferrous, exotic, composite, or even some non-ferrous materials, you’ll want the cutting power of a fluted countersink.

Side note: Do you need the ability to do some countersinking, but maybe don’t want to invest in a specific tool since it’s not a major focus of your job? No worries! We also offer custom chamfered end mills that can give you similar results while also allowing for more applications.

Still Have Questions?

Maybe you’re still not quite sure what geometry you need. Maybe you’re aware that countersinks can be inclined to chatter during cutting operations. Check with us for expert advice. We can design the flutes to minimize the risk of chatter, and also give you tips on optimal speeds and feeds while machining.

If you’re feeling confident about what you need, then go ahead and fill out our convenient order form. We’ll get in touch with you soon to talk about the specifics.

Non-Piloted Countersink

countersink diagram