Custom Drill Mill: Five Tools for the Price of One

Drill mills are designed for not one, not two, but (count ‘em) five applications in one tool: chamfering, grooving, milling, drilling, and some spotting. Thanks to this ability to accomplish multiple operations with just one uniquely versatile tool, you can improve cycle time and make it to the finish line on your jobs faster. Basically the tool combines the power of an end mill and a drill into one supertool. (Bet you couldn’t have guessed that from the name.) At Aronson-Campbell Custom Grinding, we can even take you one step further and offer you the version totally customized to your specific needs.

Tool Details

Like drills, most drill mills feature two to four flutes, depending on the application. The combination of the different tool strengths into one drill mill, however, results in a highly specialized, helically fluted tip design which yields superior performance, surface finish and chip evacuation. If you’re interested in achieving reduced chatter and harmonics, and boosting your material removal rate, you can also request a variable helix design on OD (approx 35°). Included angles come in a wide range, depending on what you need the tool for: 60°, 90°, 100°, 120° and 140°–or if you have that one weirdly specialized job that no standardized tool can quite measure up to, feel free to give us a weird custom measurement, and we’ll make a drill mill to match.

Materials & Applications

Drill mills also offer the exciting ability to handle basically any machining material, including steel, aluminum, plastic, and more. They are often CNC ground out of solid carbide, but we can also make you a drill mill out of M42 or High Speed Steel if that works better for your needs.

Excited by how great this all sounds? We are too. Contact us today if you want to talk through the specs of your custom drill mill order, or get us started by filling out our easy form, so we can know what you’re looking for before we even talk.

drill mill diagram

Drill Mill

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