Cut Curves the Right Way with a Custom Radius Cutter

If you need to produce smooth, semi-circular shapes in a workpiece, then a radius cutter – AKA, radius milling cutter – is the tool for you. They come in two varieties: concave, for outward-curving (male) half-circles; convex, for inward-curving (female) half-circles. These two cuts can help you get the perfect fit and join for your finished workpieces. Moreover, if you have specific geometry that you need for the semi-circular grooves you’ll be cutting, you can order a cutter that perfectly suits your needs from Aronson-Campbell Custom Grinding.

Since we believe in maximizing your custom tool investment, we grind all our radius cutters to be form relieved for easy maintenance and resharpening. Our cutters will also be able to handle aluminum, brass, steel, plastic, and more.

Details to Consider

Most of these tools come in multi-flute designs for maximum effectiveness in quickly making smooth, precise cuts. With our easy form, you can choose the ideal number of flutes to suit your job. Depending on your application – the materials you’ll be machining – you can pick the optimal material for your tool, as well. High-speed steel is a common choice, but if you’ll be milling at higher temperatures, you may want to choose carbide or carbide-tipped for better tool-life. The carbide version will maintain sharper edges for longer.

Get Your Order Started

If you need a tool to put a handsome curved groove in the side or end of your workpiece, don’t hesitate to start your order for a custom convex or concave radius cutter.

If you’re not sure what you need, or how to fill out the form to get the exact geometry you need, call us now! We’re always happy to share our expertise and walk our clients through the order process to make sure you get the most cost-effective tool for completing your job.

Concave Radius Cutter

Concave Radius Cutter Diagram


Convex Radius Cutter

Convex radius cutter

Radius Cutter

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