Create a Perfect Finish with a Custom Reamer

Maybe you like to have that extra bit of polish for all your drilled holes. That’s where you bring in your reamer to help you out. This handy-dandy rotary cutting tool helps machinists remove excess material from pre-existing holes. The precision version removes a small amount of material – usually around 5% or less of the hole diameter – to bring the hole to exact size. Industry standard for precision reamers is +.0002/-.0000″, while leaving smooth, cylindrical walls, all in one easy step. Non-precision types are a bit less refined, but make quick-and-dirty work of enlarging a hole and removing burrs.

Reamers can be manufactured out of various materials depending on the job you need them to accomplish. The most common choice is high-speed steels (including high cobalt content) and Tungsten carbide (both solid and tipped). A couple less common options for very specific uses are CBN- and PCD-tipped (and yeah, in case you don’t know what we’re talking about, we’ve got you covered: Cubic Boron Nitride/CBN is a metal close to diamond hardness, and polycrystalline diamond/PCD is a synthetic diamond material).

Understanding Your Options

There is a variety of reamers to choose from, depending on the application for which you need them. Here’s a quick list:

  • Chucking (straight and spiral flute): enlarges a preexisting hole by a very small amount and leaves smooth sides and a perfectly cylindrical diameter. Spiral reamers are designed specifically to handle chip evacuation from a blind hole, whereas straight-fluted reamers allows the chips to fall where they may.
  • Adjustable: allows the reamer to adjust mechanically to achieve a small range of cutting-diameter flexibility
  • Machine Reamer: offers immediate cutting precision.
  • Rose Reamer: cuts on its end only.
  • Shell Reamer: offers the ability to handle large reaming cuts, commonly with diameters 1.5″ and greater.
  • Tapered (precision and non-precision): prepares a hole to receive a tapered pin. The non-precision variety helps enlarge or deburr preexisting holes.

Don’t see quite what you need? No problems – get in touch with us directly. Otherwise, our order form covers will get you nicely started with a chucking reamer, and we can work out special applications with you from there.



Non-Piloted Reamer

reamer diagram