Achieve Speed and Versatility with a Custom Step Drill

We all know that time is money, so sometimes to save time and make your job profitable, what you really need is a tool that can handle two jobs at once. That’s where step drills take the spotlight. They have the unique ability to drill a hole and create a counterbore, countersink, or chamfer, all at the same time! What’s more, at Aronson-Campbell Custom Grinding, we have the ability to make the custom step drill that perfectly suits the job at hand. That way you can be armed with exactly the right tool for your needs as you tackle your next job.

Step Drill Features

Step drills can handle hole-making in both wood and metals and so are suitable for a wide variety of applications. You can recognize them in comparison to their cousin, the regular drill, because they have a noticeable conical/triangular shape. From a sharp, pointed tip, a step drill grows wider and wider as you move up the length of the tool. Depending on what you need them for, they can have just one step or multiple steps. Each additional step enlarges the original hole until you reach the diameter you need. Another bonus: the pilot tip of the drill bit is self-starting, so you don’t even need a pilot drill to start the hole. Talk about efficiency.

Particulars of Geometry

Some things to think about when customizing your step drill: not every application needs that cutting pilot tip. Maybe you’re working with a piece where all the holes have already been started. No worries. Just choose a non-cutting pilot for your step drill.

Another really important thing to think about is the shoulder angle of your step. If you’re trying to counterbore and drill at the same time, you’ll want a square (90°) shoulder. If you’re creating a countersink or chamfer, a 45° or 82° angle will suit your needs better. But then there are always those jobs that have some highly specific, super weird angle. Guess what? We can make those too!

Use our handy form to start telling us what you need to make your step drill do exactly what you need. We’ll get in touch as soon as we review it on our end. Otherwise, if you know what you need but don’t know how to tell us through the form, get in touch directly and we’ll be happy to talk it out over the phone.

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