Versatility for Handling the Most Difficult Cuts

Undercutting end mills are also known as lollipop mills, spherical ball end mills, cherry ball cutters, and variations such as clearance or clearance ball cutters. Basically…you can invent your own name! They are well rounded tools that offer maximum versatility. In fact, we cannot overstate the versatility this tool can provides for your shop.

Undercutting End Mill Uses

Besides milling an undercut feature on a part, which is typically very difficult with a standard end mill, these tools are also capable of a few other operations, including undercutting, deburring, slotting, contouring and profiling. Using an undercutting end mill to deburr in your machine is an excellent way to save time and effort. Some slotting and contouring operations, especially during 5-axis milling, are also made far easier with these tools. In some situations, clearance challenges make them an absolute necessity.

Possible Customizations

Undercutting end mills can be made center-cutting if needed, and come with solid carbide construction for maximum rigidity. They can also be optimized to handle hard steels (45-68 Rockwell). Choosing a mill with a reduced shank will allow for any chucking depth. Recent advances in CAM software has had tremendous benefits for machinists performing contouring applications.

Tool Options

We can offer three wrap-angle options, and a variety of sizes ranging from .020″ to 1.000,” including fractional, decimal and metric sizes. We’re also happy to work with you to create four different styles of undercutting end mill:
– standard shank
– reduced shank
– high helix (for these, the 270 degree spherical ball with 45 degree helix gives you faster chip removal and better finish in mild steels and non-ferrous alloys)
– deburring undercut (in these, the 270 degree spherical ball allows you to deburr in your CNC machine with high precision burrs held to end mill tolerances)

At Aronson-Campbell Custom Grinding, we want to create the tool that can match whatever your job demands. Use our handy order form to get started with customizing your undercutting end mill, or contact us with any questions you may have.

undercutting end mill diagram

Undercutting End Mill

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